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Thanks a lot for using! We want to make sure using our app is an enjoyable and successful experience for you. This page offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about our platform.

How does support me?

When you are job hunting, you want to spend as much time and motivation as possible to optimize your applications and communicate with potential employers - not managing the applications themselves. That's why we help you by offering a simple app that you can use to store and manage your applications, together with all appointments, contacts and important information.

What kind of information about my applications can I store in

First of all, all information directly related to the job: the name of the employer and the job title, as well as the potential salary, entry date and location. On top, you can add a rating to the job. Additionally, you can store information regarding your application itself: how did you apply, and where did you find the job ad? Finally, you can add notes, appointments and contact information related to each application.

How does the calendar work?

During the lifecycle of your application, you will likely have at least one job interview, but maybe also additional phone interviews or appointments for work trials. In you can store all these dates, so you never lose the overview.

What does the roadmap for look like?

We have a lot of plans for and regularly publish updates with new features, that are made available to you immediately. Would you like to request a specific addition? Then we're curious to hear from you!

On which devices can I use is available on each modern computer or mobile device. Kindly make sure to use an up-to-date web browser to make sure you can use all features.

Why did you create

Employers have been managing applications for a long time now, using elaborate tools. At the same time, applicants had to revert to Excel and post its to keep an overview over their applications. This changes now! In the future, you too have a personal management tool during the job hunt.

Why do I have to provide an e-mail address to use

We need a confirmed e-mail address to ensure you (and only you!) can access your applications at any time. We will never share it with third parties.

What happens to the personal data I enter into

Protecting your privacy is really important to us. That's why we described everything in detail in our Privacy Policy.

I would like to provide feedback regarding – how can I reach you?

That's great, we're looking forward to your message! Please simply drop us an e-mail to [email protected].

Do you have other questions or require support?

We'll do our best to help! Kindly send an e-mail to [email protected].

To make sure we can support you as effectively as possible, please send your mail from the address that you use to sign in here. If you want to report a technical issue, please describe it in detail.